Specialty Coatings – Finding the Right Material For Your Products

a worker spraying the paint with the spray gun

Finding the right materials to match an application is exciting at first, but after a while the task has become tedious to the point where you just want something to be picked so you can move on. You know what I am talking about. Every project starts out exciting, but finishing it is somehow more worthwhile. Specialty coatings are designed first on using CAD and engineering services to create what it colors and type of epoxy coating works best for the project you are working on. There are plenty of examples of clashing ideas in fashion, art and commercial settings. If you are unsure or uncertain which epoxy coating is right, trust those experienced.

Technology brings coating processes capabilities to meet any challenging need. Coating materials include soft touch, textured, antibacterial, and low-friction among other possibilities. Antibacterial is interesting and would work perfectly for those metal powder coating materials, like movie theater seats. I know that between each movie showing they clean they are, but how often are the seats wiped down? I don’t know that answer; so using antibacterial coatings are great for populated environments. Epoxy coating services assist in the decorative designs on substrates. Engineering can help design and build fixtures that properly hold the parts during coating processes. Engineers in all sectors of the business have taken the green initiative seriously and provide companies with environmentally friendly specialty coating options. Automotive and military industries are a couple of examples to take advantage of epoxy coating.

When colors clash, it’s noticeable. When colors and materials clash is even more noticeable to the touch. Coatings should mesh well with the product they are using. Trusting the experts will get you what you want. Plastic coatings and metal coatings offer both offer nylon, plastisol and powder coatings. You will often see nylon coatings on your office chair; or see copolymer on your child’s pitching mask in baseball. On metal materials, you will see nylon coatings on your home flashlight. No matter metal or plastic you still get the same properties: noise reduction, chemical resistance, or high impact resistance for example. These are examples of what combines engineering and design ideas. You want your products to look good so making the right decision is important. This may take time; it may not. Some materials have distinct coatings that work best with it. For example, automotive industries are more likely to continually use the same material for their products to get the same effect.